Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swimming and my BUMBO!

July 24, 2008

We truely haven't been up to much this summer, well, during the week anyhow. We have been swimming at my parents house quite often. The boys have all been little fishies. This is the 3 of them jumping in together.

Peyton sitiing in her new (to us) Bumbo. I have been wanting one of these handy little chairs, but for $40.00 I just couldn't have one. Well, Tyler and I and the kids passed Family Proclamations out in our neighborhood Saturday morning before last and on our way home I spotted it. Tyler was amazed that with all the people and the cars and it being behind a dresser that I spotted it. I got it for $1, can't beat that. It does have a girls name written very small on the back, but I scrubbed it so well you can barely see it, and for a buck, wow!


Shannon said...

She is so so cute Kelly.

Kirsten said...

You got one of those for a $1??!?! You lucky girl! Way to go! I have been wanting one for so long, but you are right...they are so expensive I couldn't justify it. Peyton looks adorable and so content!

Anonymous said...

I love deals! Great find mom! H

Seamons Family said... invention ever!! $1.00?!?..that's a steal! I had to settle for $20.00 on craigslist! =)