Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jacob's Lego house and Peyton's 1st pool adventure! June 22 and 23

Jacob was so proud of his lego house and asked daddy to take a picture of it.

My mom, "Nana Paula" gave me some money to go get Peyton a suit at Target. I had tried to find her one earlier this summer, and even before summer but they were all 12 months and larger. Well, Connie, a lady in our ward lives across the street from my mom and she came over to swim with us and her baby is just about a month younger than Peyton. He had on a cute swim shirt and shorts, she said she found them at Target just a few days before and they had just restocked them and they had girls too. So, my mom gave me the money and I went right then and there. Unfortunately all they had in the shirt style were bigger sizes, I went ahead and got her this suit so she didn't have to go naked! So, if you're wondering,"Why the bikini?" That's the story! I figure that while she's still in diapers it's really not that big a deal.
She would not look up she was so fascinated by the fabric.
The water was very cold, I didn't think she'd like it but she did!
Peyton is such a happy baby and really enjoys being near her brothers where she can see and hear them playing.
Nana gave her water from a cup for the first time and she did great.


Caleen said...

I love Jacob's Lego House.. Makes me sad about my kids.. They loved leggos
too.. He sure is a cutie! Peyton is so cute.. Don't worry about the swim
suit.. She is only a baby.. I figure at that age you are still safe.. I need to come visit you.. By the way,
thank you for the idea of fixing my background on my blog.. Brooke changed her's too.. It was so easy :)
Call me :) I am usually home..

Helga said...

Pey is getting so big and I have never even met her face to face! SAD!!! We need to change that Sis!! It looks like you guys have had a great summer! We sure miss and love you guys!! I couldn't agree more we need so quality sisterly bonding time! xoxo

Lou & Shannon said...

Kel...It's been 10 days since you blogged this. You don't think I believe that nothing has gone on in your house for the last 10 you? I know you've got some blog worthy stuff going on...In other words...I miss your blogs.