Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family bike ride and Tyler's burn story

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Well, I am hanging out at my mom's house today and of course brought along my laptop. I'm bound and determined to catch up on my blogging! They have a wireless router and it is so handy since my pictures are on my laptop now! Peyton is on my lap and my sister is out back swimming with the boys. Speaking of swimming, Ben is quite the fish now. He swims to the bottom and gets things and he can come up to breath too. He loves jumping in and is fearless.

July 7, 2008

We decided to take all the kids on a bike ride, we ended up only making it around the block. Peyton was tired, it was already 30 minutes past bedtime, but I thought the ride might relax her, wrong. She screamed the entire time. When the weather cooles off we'll try it again.

July 8, 2008

It's hard to get a picture of our little furry friends in a natural pose. As soon as they see me with the camera they move. They were sleeping right next to each other, so cute, they really love each other.
My two animal lover kiddos wanted to be in a picture with them.

Last night while I had mutual Tyler took on all 4 kids as he has been doing most Wednesday nights. He had plans to Bar-b-que burgers for them and he did! My dear friend Donna let me borrow her eliptical and I called ahead to have Tyler move out the treadmill to make room for it. He was getting the kids to bed and he said he needed a hair cut when I got home. I said sure. I thought maybe he had some kind of interview or something important going on because I very recently had givin him a haircut. So, getting to the point, I get the eliptical and 4 books to borrow(thanks again Donna, you're great!) and make it home to find Tyler in the front yard adjusting sprinklers, 4 kids asleep in their own beds, and a tidy house, dinner cleaned up and everything! As you may have guessed, there's more to this story...
While lighting our new bar-b-que, Ty forgot to open the side vents and had a huge fire ball engulf his head. One eyebrow is pretty much gone and the other looks really well groomed. His eyelashes are extremely short and the hair on the front and sides of his head was burned almost all the way down to his scalp. It turns out it was a good thing he had a recent haircut, otherwise his hair probably would have caught fire and kept burning. I had to cut his hair really short to get off all of the melted parts. He never lets me cut it very short, so that was fun, I wish he'd let me shave it just once! I was going to do this post later, but oh well. Here are some pics for it. The first few were when I was really wrestling to get a picture, he hates me taking pictures of him, especially in this case, I think he feels kind of dumb about the whole incident. He finally gave in, sort of and he at least remained still. For those of you wondering, he is ok, his face and lips are a little burnt, but he's fine, thank God, it could have been worse.

July 23, 2008

Tyler trying so hard to hide his hair, check out his eyebrows...

You may have to click the picture to really see the singed hair, it is the hair that appears more orange in color.

There we go, all around the sides of his head, it smelled so gross.
July 24, 2008

I snapped a few pics this morning after his haircut, wow, very short! He wore a hat to work today, he never does that, I didn't even think he could!
I love you honey! Thanks for providing me something to blog about!!!


Shannon said...

I like Tyler with short short hair. I think it looks good. However, the eyebrows and the eyelashes...not so good. Kelly, put some mascara...just a little. Poor Tyler. Oh my goodness.

Caleen said...

YIKES!! I am so glad he is o.k. That was probably pretty scary.. I like short hair.. Your kids are so sweet.
How fun to go bike riding.. We never did that with our kids. I wish we would have.. oh well, you have a sweet family. I am happy for you.

Lauren Green said...

Well now you HAVE to tell me!!!

Cassie said...

Tom said the same thing, but only had a little bit of hair burnt off. Very scary.

Helga said...

Bryan and I got a kick out of these pictures!! lol Sorry Tyler! :) You pull off the short hair look though!
ps you look good with orange hair!