Tuesday, July 1, 2008

$7 Monday Madness-June 16

Wow! For each &7 ticket we bought to the Grizzlies Baseball game we also got a free pass to The Island water park, a free hot dog and soda, and a free chili dog from Wiener Shnitzel! Can't beat that! It was one of the best family nights we have ever had. We spent the drive to the stadium singing primary songs and having a simple lesson, the kids all had fun, even Peyton was having a blast! We sat behind the players from the opposing team, the ones that were getting ready to go up to bat, Micah hung out right behind them and one of the players gave him a ball. Jacob cohersed Ben into asking for one, so Ben got one too! Jake felt pretty jipped but didn't have the guts to go ask for one himself, we also discouraged it because our family had already scored 2 balls. Anyway, he ended up asking the guy to autograph his program, it was pretty cute.

Ok, this was a few days before the ball game, but he looked so cute I had to throw it in somewhere. Nana Byn and Papa Ron got him a bunch of spiderman swim stuff for his birthday, it went nicely with the pool Nana Paula and Papa Larry got him.

Mmm, hot dogs and Baseball, it doesn't get much better than that.
Micah and his very own Soda, they were thrilled that they got their own.
This is where Micah hung out most of the game.
Peyton being her goofy self, no not really, she's just got a tongue thing going on lately.
Me and my babies!
My first child and I, No I'm kidding, I love this guy!!! And yes, that would be Peyton under Micah's hat.
Jacob getting the autograph of.....some guy.


Jill said...

You know what I love most about your blog Kelly? You have such fun with your kids. You really enjoy them. What a happy childhood you are giving them. What a darling family you have!

Lou & Shannon said...

I love your blogs and I so wish I would have known about the Monday Madness. Not that we could have gone...we're so busy lately, but great price.

Pollock Family said...

As I'm catching up on your blog I am noticing how BUSY you are! I love that you keep going everywhere! Love the Payton's (Peyton...can't remember) her cute bikini:) She's too little to know any different.