Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am back into reading again, not that I ever stopped. Kristie Metler turned me onto a series by Scott Westerfeld. There are 4 books, the first is Uglies. I've read all of those and really enjoyed them, so I did some googling to see if he had any other books. Sunday night I started Midnighters and I love it. They are books for young adults and they are science fiction, which I am learning I really like science fiction. I could be reading it right now, and here I am blogging about it! So, I'm going to go read now!


Kristie said...

Great, now I'm going to have to go check out his other books too! Glad you like the Uglies!

Bryan and Helga said...

lol I'm glad you guys thought so too! lol it really is Bryan... He pulled all of them up at the same time and was flipping through them when he got to that one I said "oh my gosh you look like Tyler" at the exact same time he was laughing and saying "who does this remind you of?" lol oh Bry and Ty... two very handsome men! Kelly we are lucky! :)