Thursday, October 9, 2008

Frogs! And more frogs!

September 27

Not too far from our house is a ponding basin, so it isn't all that hard to find many frogs during an evening stroll. Frog collecting has been one of the boys favorite things to do. They would really love to keep them in the house in some kind of container (at least for a few days?!) but we make them let the frogs go in our front yard. Essien comes hunting with cousins sometimes too, he is just as fond of the little guys as they are.

All of the boys with their frogs, from left to right; Kevin, Hoppy, Grandpa Frank and Mama (those are the frogs names)
Micah and Kevin
Ben and Mama
Jacob and Grandpa Frank (cause he has a big belly like Grandpa Frank does!)
Marcia tring to find another prince.
Essien and Hoppy
You can't tell, but this frog Marcia is holding has a really cool belly, it was blue. I don't remember which frog it was.

Hop, Hop for your lives! Jacob letting his frog go, reluctantly.


jennifer said...

frogs and boys are the most natural combination. i love that you encourage them...

and the shot of marcia with the frog - awesome. i want to know if her lips actually touched the slimy frog skin.

The Greens said...

Hi Kelly!! I'm back =) I love this post! It takes me back! I was the frog catcher in my family and I love that Clovis has so many ponding basins in it's neighborhoods. It made my childhood very fun! I'll definately be taking my kids frog hunting whenever we visit Clovis =)

Becca said...

Oh how cute....Bray, Addy and Sophie would love going frog catching too....Kolby would just want to eat them..yuck! Too bad we don't live by eachother! Love you guys!!

Kirsten said...

That is gross!!! Just kidding... I remember doing that in Fresno as a kid too! We would catch huge toads too. I had forgotten about that until I saw this! You are so meant to be the mom of boys-this is another reason that I was probably sent so many girls! I wouldn't be so patient about this!!! ;-) I bet those boys were in HEAVEN!!!