Thursday, October 30, 2008

When life gives you about it!

I have dozens of other posts that I should be doing before this one, but this is what's going on in my life right now and I feel like blogging it!

Yesterday after Micah's piano lesson Micah and Jacob were playing in the backyard at Jennifer's and Micah was doing some trick on the scooter and somehow the scooter handle cut Jacob's head open. It was not a big cut and it hardly bled, so I really debated taking him in to urgent care. I finally decided I would take him only because of how open it looked. Jacob was very scared that he'd have to get stitches. I told him he probably would not have to because it was small. I thought they might put a butterfly on it or some of that glue they use now. I was wrong. They no longer stitch things, they staple. He got one little staple. The Doctor, who was very young, was very nice and got Jake on the table and cleaned him up and clicked it closed without even mentioning what had to be done. Jacob wailed for awhile and then was over the pain part of it. He doesn't want anyone to know he has a staple in his head, he wants me to delete the picture I took and forbids us to speak of it. He thinks people will make fun of it or say how gross or bad it is and it will scare him. Hw went to school today and told Micah not to tell anyone at school about it.

I took Peyt to the doctor this morning and she had to get a steroid shot. Tyler and I were up with her all night, literally. She's got croup and wants to be in my arms and no where else. I am trying to enjoy this because she is not a cuddler usually and I am now getting lots of love from her. I just think of all my chores piling up and all that I'm not getting done. I am sleep deprived and grouchy and emotional, but like they say, babies don't keep! This morning she fell asleep on Ben's chest and I've seen little else in my life more precious than that.

Outside the Urgent Care, Jacob is upset with me for photographing his stapled head.

One little, shiny staple.

Peyton after the doctor's visit, she really needs to be held.

This morning before the doctor's visit, my two sweet babies. Peyton is so loved by her big brothers!

On the same note, another event...Our closet was emptied of clothing when I got home and the washer and dryer were going and there were many other piles waiting to be washed because Ty went to get dressed for work and there were red ants all over our clothes and in the bag of dog food we keep in our closet, great, as if we didn't have enough to deal with! When it rains it pours!


The Greens said...

Holy cow! It's a good thing you're so strong! I don't know if I'd make it through all that in one piece =) Hey, will you send me your email address? I set my blog to private and want to add you to the list of approved readers! (send it to!)

jennifer said...

wow. one thing after another. and another! you are a rock sister! i'm glad you went to the urgent care for jake. i'm also glad they didn't have to shave his head. (that was my first thought when you were deciding whether to go to the doctor or not.) hope you didn't have to wait that long. i think you should try to convince him that it's a cool/scary staple - perfect for halloween - just like frankenstien!

Cristy said...

Wow! Deep breath! I understand about the rain! Let your friends be your umbrella! That's what we're here for!

Wynn Family said...

I can TOTALLY relate with both health issues. Jake has had his head stapled and Kyle has had his stapled twice. Alexis is prone to croupe and has had it many times. In the moment you try and tell yourself that these tired, stressful moments wont last forever and you will be able to catch up on the house work, but when you are deep in the pit of the now it's ok to vent and feel tired and acknowledge it hard and it sucks. Then call a friend and ask them to come over and play with your kids while you clean or take a nap. I would gladly offer if I didn't live hundreds of miles away. Hey, if you need a vacation you should come up!!! You and Michelle and Shannon and Marcia and whoever else wants to should all drive up together and we could have some fun and do girly things!!! Anyway, I have been in your storm and the rain does stop. The clouds might not go away for a while, but the suns manages to squeeze a few rays out from behind the clouds when you really need the warmth!!!

Sheri said...

I was blog hopping and found your blog. That's what you get for making it public. You got your girl! I'm so happy for you! She's so cute.

Jill said...

Someday you will be glad you blogged about this day you had! My favorite picture is the one of Ben and Peyton. Is that precious or what! You ought to frame that one.

Linda said... keep dog food in you clothes closet? But, about the staple, you haven't learned with all those boys to keep super glue or sterry strips on hand. I quit taking my boys to the doctor for all those cuts, especially the head ones, they just bleed and look bad. I got really good at taking out stitches at home.

kelly said...

We USED to keep dog food in our clothes closet. Our closet is in our bathroom and that is also where our dog eats, so it's handy. In the 3+ years we've lived here we have never had ants. I have kept the dog food there for almost as long. Any suggestions on where to keep the dog food? As for the injuries, amazingly we haven't had any big ones yet. Micah and Jacob live life too carefully for boys, Ben on the other hand keeps me jumping, he's a daring and fearless child.

Luna said...

That is the cutest picture of peyton and ben!