Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a Dad!

I snuck up on Ty so I could get this picture, he hates pictures, escpecially

how many pictures I am always taking. Anyway, he helps Micah with his piano practice everyday. It's very cute. He'll play the songs right along with him and it melts my heart for some reason to see the two of them sitting there at the piano playing together. I have a feeling that Micah is going to be very good at the piano someday! Thanks Tyler for all your help, you are an awesome daddy.


Janelle Ehat said...

Yes Peter loves the little push up handles. They are great because they swivel which makes for an even better workout. But we just got this too:
http://www.asseenontvguys.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=195 and it does push ups too (but doesn't swivel) and pull ups and sit ups and dips and it doesn't damage your door frame (I thought it might, but it's super padded). Anyway, there's my little Infomercial for you! But we love it so far (I use it too and it kicks my booty! Lol!)

Bryan and Helga said...

Micah!!! No way he is so big!! wahhhaaaa!!!! why don't we all live closer! We sure miss you guys!
Tyler is a great daddy! And you Beautiful... are a wonderful mother as well! xoxo love you guys!

Caleen said...

So sweet to see Tyler at the piano with Micah.. He is a good Dad.. That time Tyler spends with him will really mean a lot to Micah when he is older.. I was never patient enough to help the kids at the piano. Not my best quality.. I am improving though!
Thanks for visiting my blog, Kelly :)