Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kristie's tag

Post your 4th file 4th picture...I think I'm the Kelly that was tagged! Anyway, this picture is Peyton in her highchair. I don't remember if there was a reason I took it or not. It was taken the beginning of October this year. As you can see she has some cheerios on her tray. I may have been trying to get her to self feed. That girl must think she really is a princess or something. She will not put food in her mouth. She picks them up just fine and she sometimes puts her hands and fingers into her mouth, but she can have cheerios right in front of her and whine until you feed them to her.

I'm tagging Peggy (Grandma Honey, Linda, Janet and Donna) go into your picture files and pick the forth picture in the fourth folder and post it!


Kristie said...

Yup - you were the Kelly I tagged! Peyton is so cute!

Luna said...

I find pictures on my camera all the time that I am unsure of the reason. Glad to see someone else has the same thing happen