Monday, October 13, 2008

John's Incredible

Pizza! September 29

Whenever we pass it Ben shouts out the name and tells me he wants to go there. So, when Nana Byn gave us some free passes I took him and Peyton while Micah and Jacob were at school.

Ben was so cute feeding Peyton and she loved it!

They have a few play things for little ones that are free, so we spent most of our time doing that, and watching Tom and Jerry while we ate.
I had two dollars in my purse, so I splurged and we each got to play this ballon popping game that was pretty much the same as Ski Ball. Ben won some tickets and bought his sister a fairy princess wand and himself a bouncy ball and sticky thing that crawls down walls. It was a fun day.


donnam said...

I can remember the days when to entertain my children it only took a few dollars or a big box. Now it take a loan from the bank. The upside....they can entertain themselves most of the time!!!!!

Bryan and Helga said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! Why don't you move to Utah so we can have a blast together with our first Little Baby Laing on the way. :) lol we sure miss you guys and are looking forward to seeing you in December! xoxo