Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dining in

Oct. 1

Micah is so cute, whenever he sees that I'm making dinner he runs to get the table set. I never put a table cloth on, because it just gets dirty, but Micah loves having a table cloth and using glasses and having candles on the table. I ran and grabbed the camera so I could get this picture of him setting the table.

My bath babies. More to come from this bath!


Becca said...

Soooo cute!!! I love it!!

Jill said...

Good thing you took pictures of getting the table just right, because some day you will want to show Micah's wife. What an interesting boy!

The Greens said...

Definately just a nickname!! I can only imagine what kind of job she'd get in Vegas with a name like Bunny!! lol. We just wanted a nickname for her since we're not deciding on her name until she gets here =)

Jill said...

Hey Kelly...for some reason it would not let me comment on your Chinese Checkers video so I will try to comment here. So THAT is what Elora was trying to teach me last week...I thought it was just her own version but it must be what the kids do on the playground at school. I will show it to her, she's going to love this.