Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Castle Cake- thanks Becca!

The last Wednesday in August we had a birthday party for mutual for my beehives. It was both my birthday and my advisors birthday is August and we just thought it would be fun. Since Nicole has no oven right now it was up to me to make the cake. As you may well be aware, I'm not the best with cakes. I was just going to do something plain but I remebered the cakes that my sister-in-law did for her kids birthdays just a few months ago and I knew I might have the stuff I needed. So, I gave it a shot. Micah loved the cake and wants me to make one to look like Hogwarts for his birthday, ANY IDEAS? I got some practice and I'm also thinking of doing a princess castle cake for Peyton's 1st birthday because she really is our little princess!

2 squares stacked with frosting in between frosting on top and sides and a few cones with a little cut off the bottom, stick em into the cake a bit and a sugar cone for the middle spire...

Fancy it up a bit with some colored frosting...
Sift through a few mini bags of MnM's I had on hand from our Missionary Moments stash and sprinkle on some more cake decor and you have a pretty princess castle cake!
These are most of my Beehives and me...I love these girls!

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Becca said...

Oh Yay!! It looks amazing!!! Fun, easy and everyone loves it...yup that's my kind of cake!! Good job Kelly!! You are awesome!

jennifer said...

cute cake. i love the polka dot effect. very good work - excellent presentation.

so these girls were all at our song practice the other night. i'm surprised they are all beehives! i thought for sure a few of them were a lot older than that. those kids from your ward are such good kids. they were great to work with - especially since i was sooo nervous about not knowing them and what to expect. do they have troublemakers? will i have to get disciplinary on them? nope and nope. they were great - and enthusiastic about the whole thing. i was stoked!

The Millers said...

Look at the cute Freeman girl in the pic! How fun those young women days were!