Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is Nacho Libre a church movie?

On Sunday's we don't let our kids watch anything, with the exception of church movies. Jacob, just a few minutes ago, called to me while I was in the kitchen. He was looking at the movie shelf in the living room and this is what he said, "Mom, Is Nacho Libre a church movie?" I laughed and said, "No honey, sorry." He said, "But it has the church in it." Micah said, "Yeah, but it's not our church."
On that note, I've been meaning to do it, and now I'm going to. Right after I post this I'm starting another blog! It's going to be all the funny or interesting things that I've recorded in my little My Kids Make Me Laugh book. I started it a number of years ago, so I'll post them from the beginning to the present. Find it HERE!


The Gage Cage said...

I LOVE the movie Nacho Libre. sometimes we just need to laugh.

Becca said...

Oh I love it! We have the same rule in our home too, and it's funny how kids can try to justify that ANY movie is a Sunday movie!! Too Cute!!