Saturday, September 20, 2008

Messy! The loft gives him nightmares

Ok, so, for a little less than a week our house was pretty messy. Micah decided about 3 months ago that he is not going to sleep up in the loft anymore because it gives him nightmares and in the summer it gets very hot up there. He wanted to be closer to his brothers. So, he was sleeping on a little pallet on the floor all summer. Tyler bought plans and hardware for building a triple bunkbed, but it's not going to happen until we have the money for all that wood! I was feeling sad that we had that cool space up there not being used, so we decided to give away the bed and put Micah's mattress on the floor for now and we moved almost all of the toys and the tv with the gamecube up there. It looks fun and they like it, it will keep the little toys out of baby's reach and keep messes down when I host playgroup. The only toys in our old "playroom" ( really what's supposed to be the dining room)are for younger kids and they are out of sight in the cabinets. So here are a few pics during the move so you can see what a disaster it was.

All those toys and the tv are now in the loft!
The bookshelves no longer divide the room and are now against the wall. All my exercise stuff ( my bike and Donna's eliptical and my mom in laws ab rocket) is still in the front room and fully visable, but at least it gets used where it is!


Shannon said...

I want to see pictures of the loft...How cool that the kids have a neat space for all their toys.

Becca said...

Sounds soooo fun!! I want to see pictures too. It feels good to change things around sometimes!! We love you guys and hope you are doing well!!

kelly said...

Ok, I'll try to remember to get some soon!