Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tagged by Becca

It's ok Becs, I'm a big girl, I can handle it. I was tagged by Becca. You have to take pictures of certain things, just as they are, right now, no straightening up or anything. So, here it goes

#1. Kitchen Sink Not bad at all, this is it, and I don't do Fly Lady yet and I never "shine" my sink, clean is all your getting. I do not like dirty dishes in the sink, ever. After every meal I wash them and load the dishwasher. If I find someone else's dishes (which happens all the time) I take care of them too. I do not, however, steal the cup or glass you are using to drink from, that doesn't bug me, just don't put it in the sink!

#2 The Toilet Yep, it's gross, that's the master toilet, and for Nicole, it is in a room all by itself, that's why it is the toilet room, also known as the water closet which is it's correct name, but whenever I've said that I usually get a blank stare, so I'll dumb it down for everyone, the toilet room! It used to be clean more often when I was pregnant, who likes to vomit into a dirty stinky toilet? NOT ME! Now, this is what you get, at least for a week or 2, sorry. The boys toilet is also the guest bathroom toilet, so it gets cleaned more frequently but is almost always gross, I have 3 sons. Enough said.

#3 The Laundry room I really had to resist tidying up this one. It's usually messy though. Right now it has sheets from Ben's bed in the sink, 3 nights in a row of Ben bed wetting, ugh. He seriously went 2 weeks with no bed wetting, he woke up to pee. I guess he's just been to wiped out to wake up these last few nights.

#4 The Fridge It's ok, we go as long as possible between grocery shopping trips and we are needing one about now, so not much is in there. When food gets low I clean it out before the stock up, it's freshly wiped, mostly! The door is a little messy. Thanks Ty for doing a good portion of the grocery shopping! I hate it.

#5 What is your spouse/kids doing right now? At the time I took the pics this morning, Tyler was working, Micah and Jacob were at school and Ben was following me around while we were getting ready for playgroup at the park and taking these pictures and Peyton was on my hip. Now that it's after 11pm, they are all in bed, sadly, this is my internet time today.

#6 My favorite shoes From left to right, fun, fun, comfy, cute (painful), practical and well worn.
The little leather X's are starting to come off, time for some new brown flip flops next year. I wish you could see in this picture that there is carpet fuzz on the toenails that I just freshly painted, when I sit down I curl my toes under and I did it too soon, before my polish was dry, oops!

#7 Favorite Room, that would have to be our bedroom. It isn't very clean right now, it's next on my to clean list, but the bed is always made and I love our furniture and decor. It is too hot in the afternoon in the summer, but I love our room. I also love the loft that got the toys out of the old playroom, but the master bedroom is still my fav!

#8 Your Dream Vacation, good question. I really love Disneyland (kid at heart I guess), but I would love to go to Hawaii or somewhere else tropical and I have always wanted to go on a cruise.

#9 The Closet, we cleaned it our majorly this summer, but there are a few things needing tidying. Our kids for some reason like to play in it and move stuff around. The animals like to go in there too. I like it though, plenty of room for my size 6-18 clothes.

#10 Self Portrait, this is me and my sweet little girl. We are all clean and ready for our playgroup at the park today (we of course already did that since I am typing this up tonight and these pics were taken this morning) we were 10 minutes late because of this!!! No big deal really, we still made it before most people! If anyone really wants to see one with no makeup, I don't mind, really, most of the time I actually go out in public with no makeup, I know, the shame! My little sister thinks I'm nuts.

I tag Michelle, Cassie, Nicole, Brooke and Donna, you know I love you!


whittakerwoman said...

Wow, your house is so clean. This is a fun tag! I don't know if I would do it but it is fun! :) H

Becca said...

I'm not suprised that your house is so clean!! You are a good sport Kelly!! We love you guys!

Nicole Saunders said...

Ok- you didn't leave any instructions. Do I take the same pics that you did? Or just ones I come up with? How many do I take? I'm at work now, so I'll do it when I get home. Ooh, I'm SOO lucky you caught me on a day like today!

Shannon said...

Hoe cute! That's a fun tag. You've always been so clean.

Bryan and Helga said...

I love it when I cant catch you ladies with these fun tags so I can get a glimpse inside... You are so cute! I miss you guys like crazy! When are you coming to visit?

Pollock Family said...

Clean, clean... I'm a little jealous! Love the pic of your feet:)

Luna said...

I don't know how you do it Kelly, your house is always clean. Even the places you say need cleaning, or tidying, look great! I used to be better before Kids! How you are able to maintain that level is beyond me!