Friday, September 5, 2008

Some interesting info, if you liked the Twilight series.

I for one loved every book of the twilight series and I loved how it ended. I think Stephanie Meyer is an excellent writer and develpoed her characters really well and keeps them true to themselves. This just gives you a lot more info about the books, especially the last one, and it tells you all about the cover art (and it makes a lot of sense!) Click here.


Yasmine said...

I'm glad she answered those questions--especially about the cover. It drove me crazy wondering who the pawn was!

donnam said...

Thanks Kelly, Katy and I have enjoyed reading this....they had answers to questions I didn't even think to ask.

jennifer said...

so i also enjoyed this book. it makes me sad that so many people are ripping it to pieces! be nice people - it's just a book! i went to her website about 2 minutes after i finished the book and read all her faq's. they were all very insightful and i just love getting into stephenie's mind. i know her explanation for the cover art, but i like to think that little red pawn is renesmee. it makes me happy.