Monday, September 22, 2008

When it rains it pours!

This morning had to be one of the most disastrous mornings we've had here in the Laing home. It wasn't one of those bad mood yelling type of mornings, so that was good. We were all able to keep our cool, part of that due to the fact that my dear sweet husband went to work later than usual and took the boys to school for me. Yes, they usually ride their bikes, but there was just not enough time for that this morning. Last night we stayed a wee bit too late at Tyler's parents, we were playing scrabble with Dad and Brent. That being said, I let the boys sleep in a little, only about 15 minutes extra. I went in and woke them and then decided to go through their bags as I had not yet done that since they got home from school Friday, big mistake. That is when I discovered his unfinished line a day and 5 a day, I was upset about this, then I discovered something even worse... Yep, staring into space. That does sound like my son. In his defense, the work they are doing right now is a bit like preschool-kindergarten stuff. There was color by number and cut and color and match the color word to the color kind of thing. I don't know if he's getting bored or if he's tired or what. This is a whole new set of challenges than I faced with Micah. Any advice???
So after getting Jacob going on his work with Tyler's help, I fed Peyton, made lunch and then Ben walked in, he had wet his bed (of course). It has been weeks since that happened. Micah couldn't find his shoes...Anyway, now it's over and all is well. Ty got them to school just in time and now I know to check the backpack everyday!


Shannon said...

I feel like the worst parent lately...I didn't realize how much homework kindergartner's have. I have not been checking Jackson's backpack everyday and yesterday we did and found homework packet and reading book. We worked a long time last night, but did not finish. We'll have to work more tonight. I have got to remember to check the backpack.

kelly said...

Yeah, no kidding. I hate the whole checking the backpack thing, I'm not very good at it. Micah has always been so on top of everything and tells me what all is going on that I got a bit spoiled.