Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh the peace, until 3:45...

September 10

I have really been enjoying having my 2 little ones at home. I do miss Micah and Jacob while they are at school, but it is amazing how easy little kids are in comparison. Our house has been so peaceful and quiet, there is such a happy feeling here all day, until about 3:45 when I hear the rumble of the garage door closing, the back door slamming, backpacks being thrown to the floor, shoes being kicked off...and then the chaos begins. Homework, karate (twice a week), piano practice, dinner and bed. Those poor boys have no time to kick back and relax, I can't blame them for being so tired, worn and and just plain grumpy. So, until the summer begins again, I enjoy those moments of peace and quiet with my babies.

Playgroup has been fun, a great way to get and of the house and keep the little ones entertained and happy. Last Wednesday we went to the zoo. The only thing much different was that we actually got to see the seal and sea lion feeding for the 1st time and learn about the differences between the two. Sea Lions have visable exernal ears, seals do not. Sea Lions can walk up on all fours while seals undulate, kind of like a caterpillar, on their bellies. One of our zoos sea lions is blind and the other is paralized from the mid back down, so they are in the process of putting a slick coating over the cement so she doesn't cut up her underbelly as she drags it along. I got tons of cute pics, but these are my favorite from the day.

Ben's favorite part of the zoo is the petting zoo. He's very hands on, and, like Jacob, has a very special place in his heart for all animals.
I'm not sure if this is a llama or an alpaca, but I just couldn't resist, it was recently shaved and looked too cute.
I happened to have my camera ready at the right time to catch this loving moment between brother and sister. Ben and Peyton love each other so very much.
Another favorite that has left the zoo since our trip are the sting rays, hopefully they'll be back next year.
My friend Stephanie got this picture of Peyton and e-mailed it to me. She was a very good baby all day.
Later that day at piano practice, Jacob, Benjamin and Peyton were watching a movie with the Ward kids and I snapped this from behind, my little stairsteps, I wish Micah was in it too though.


Bryan and Helga said...

oh my heavens!!! I can't believe how big they are all getting! SAD!! We need to see you guys asap!!!! I absolutly love that picture of Ben and Peyton! SO CUTE!!! xoxoxo lOve you guys tons! Hope all is going well!

jennifer said...

i totally agree with the peace and quiet until 3:45. it's the exact same scenario over here when the kids walk in from school. it's amazing how much chaos 2 school-age boys can create!

i love the picture in our family room. how did you get just your kids in color?