Wednesday, February 27, 2008

5 random facts

Ok Cassie, here it goes. I hope I'm doing this right...

Rules for the “Five Random Facts”: Each player starts with five random facts/habits/stories about themselves. Anything will do. Be creative. The person who is tagged needs to write a post on their own blog (about their five things) and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose one person to get tagged and list their name/blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment on their blog telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

#1 You'll all laugh at this one if you've read my we have trees blog...
I am probably allergic to Olive trees. I am now on 2 inhalers and one pill every day.
#2 I kind of hate it when I have made "to do" plans and am on a roll and some kind friend of mine drops by to visit and we visit and talk for a long time and I don't get any more accomplished!
#3 I also love when #2 happens though!
#4When I have a bump or blemish of any sort, I have to squeeze and pick at it until it's a million times worse.
#5 I always wonder if random people read my blog and if they enjoy it. I hope they do!

Becca, I'm tagging you now!


Cassie said...

I like when people read my blog too, although it's probably boring to them.
I liked your 100 things about me blog.

Lorraine said...

i read, i read! thanks for playing along w 5 random facts!!!!

Becca said...

Ok, I'll get on it!! I do love reading your blog!! Love you guys!!

Coronado Clan said...

lol ok to answer your thought, yeah sometimes random people do read your blog! hehe i came across your blog when reading becca's and got hooked since we both got a bunch of boys and i can totally relate to you, in addition to the c-section with all of them thing (kinda makes me feel better to know that i'm not alone!) it's weird though because you totally look familiar... something about growing up in fresno and being lds makes everyone looks that way though =)