Friday, February 22, 2008

A really good day

I've really been trying to have more balance in my life lately, and I feel like I have finally done a good job at it this week and I like it! I realized earlier this week that Peyton was a month old and I hadn't cleaned house since my major cleaning right before she was born, yikes. I had done the dishes and the laundry and tidied up of course, but everything was dusty and the boys bathroom was, well, like a boys bathroom. Normally when I clean everything else gets ignored, including the kids. Not anymore! Since Tuesday I have cleaned both bathrooms and the living room and master bedroom. Tuesday Peyton had her 1 month picture taken and the trees were installed. Wednesday I got the bathrooms cleaned, Thursday I did laundry and today I cleaned the living room and my bedroom. Ben helped me with laundry today too. I also put together some train tracks that Micah had asked me to do earlier this week. Here are some pictures...These are the clean rooms (Becca, I wish I would have taken a before picture so you would know that my house isn't always clean!

Here is my train track and Me and Ben

This is me and Peyton today, I love her so much!!!

And this picture I have to add. Micah's Sunday school teacher gives him homework, they have to look up certain topics and find a scripture to go with it and write it in their scripture journal. Micah loves this work and it is important to him to get it done on time. So, this is Micah and Tyler, Daddy is helping him finish his homework before church!


The Gage Cage said...

You have a pretty house Kelly! Good job with balancing your life. i think we all need to do a self check here and there.

You're looking great! I like the pictures of you and your little girl.

Cassie said...

Nice house and super clean!
I tagged you so read my blog to see what you do. You alread did 100 things, so this should be easy. Here are the instructions. Copy this and put your five things under it:
Rules for the “Five Random Facts”: Each player starts with five random facts/habits/stories about themselves. Anything will do. Be creative. The person who is tagged needs to write a post on their own blog (about their five things) and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose one person to get tagged and list their name/blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment on their blog telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

Ohio Rasmussens said...

Ok, I haven't been on here in a couple of days, so I have a lot to tell you!! First, awesome job on the house and with keeping up with everything. You a pro mom of four!! Your house is beautiful by the way. I love your bedroom furniture set. Second, wonderful job on the landscaping. I can't wait to see what it looks like when it is all done. I also love the symbolism of the olive trees. What an incredible thing. And finally, i LOVED your hundred things about you. It was really neat to get to know you better, and among everything, i really like how you put on your list specific things to play with your kids. That is so motivating for me. I always want to take time to play with them, but to not only put "play with kids" on your to-do list, but specific things you want to do with them is awesome. SInce I read it, I have been trying it and it really works! Thanks for being so inspiring to me!! You are awesome and your kids are so cute!

Lorraine said...

i am cassies friend so i am blog stalking! i want to read your 5 random can read mine from a few days ago :)
and your house is super clean ;)

Becca said...

Having a balaced life is something I'm totally working on too. I think your doing great!! I still don't believe your your could ever be messy, next time take some before pictures and it will make me feel better;) Love you!!!