Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mommy, mommy, come quick!

January 4th 2008
Micah finally lost a tooth. It was loose for a few weeks before he finally decided to work up the courage to wiggle it out. He didn't mention anything to anyone. Jacob had already fallen asleep, and after Micah brushed his teeth he worked it out all on his own. ince Jacob had fallen asleep already, Micah decided that he would wait until the following night to put it under his pillow so Jacob could see it. We put his tiny little tooth in one of my boxes that jewelry had come in and set it on his bookshelf. Sadly, the next morning Ben found the box and somehow lost the tooth. Micah was very upset, but not as upset as I was. We were all on our hands and knees crawling all over the house, but to no avail, the tooth was not to be found. Fortunatley the tooth fairy was kind enough to still leave Micah 4 quarters. If you look closely at the picture you can see that Micah kept his tooth in for so long that the permanent tooth grew in behind it!


Ohio Rasmussens said...

The things we do for kids right!?! Like crawling around looking for a tooth! That is awesome! Ethan keeps trying to convince me that his teeth are loose and tries to wiggle them. Unfortunately they are in there for a while I think!! ;)

kelly said...

ha ha! Micah did the same thing. He always said his teeth were loose, so when one finally was I didn't believe him until I saw one growing in behind it and felt the wiggle myself!