Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some updates

On Saturday after spending some time on our bed we make the kids help with a few chores, they usually complain about this, but they actually sometimes end up enjoying it. This past Saturday Micah and Ben helped Daddy outside. Because Jacob was the only one that helped him outside the previous Saturday I let him help me inside because he was complaining about the cold. I think he ended up being sad that he chose to stay in after he saw his brothers. Sadly, one of Ben's shoes is probably forever buried in the mud in our front yard. Consequently, Micah has been wearing his church shoes to school because he only has 2 pair of tennis shoes and they are both wet from having had to be washed due to the mud issue!

Last night I was talking to Peyton and she smiled at me repeatedly. I have only gotten a few smiles out of her ever. It really melted my heart. She smiled at her daddy earlier yesterday evening and I did feel a little jealous because it had been several days since I had gotten one and I'm with her all day every day. So when I just kept getting the smiles it was very exciting, I guess we'll probably be seeing a lot more of them now. Of course we couldn't capture one with the camera, as soon as she saw Tyler with that she got very serious and was paying more attention to the camera.

We have the priveledge of babysitting Aunt Marcia's Bearded Dragons and her fish while her place of residence is being sprayed for ants and the boys are really enjoying it. They love to watch them and Ben really loves to hold them. Jacob likes to hold them very briefly. I think he's a little freaked out by them.


The Green Family said...

Your boys are growing up so fast! I hardly recognize them! And Peyton is so beautiful! You must be so happy to finally have a girl =)

Becca said...

Brayden would be in heaven to get all muddy with your boys and hold the lizards. Fun, Peyton is darling and I know what you mean when you see your baby smiling. It's fun being a mom!!!

Cassie said...

What a fun pet to have, even if only for a short time. Looks like the boys like it!