Thursday, February 7, 2008

I brought a friend in the tub!

I've spent the last 3 days at home feeling like death. I have a throat infection and 2 ear infections and we thought a possible appendicitis. I was waiting for my insurance to approve a CT scan when I decided to just call my OB office and I talked to the back office girl there and decided that I did not need the CT scan. The Dr usually sews up the uterus on the right side so it is common for people to experience pain there, so, to make a long story short, I have been really, really sick. My mom took work off today so she could come take care of me and the kids and help get the house back in order. Oh how I wish she could do that every few days! Just a few minutes ago she got Jacob and Ben in the tub for me because we let them play outside and make mud! Well, somehow he brought a friend with him in the tub. My mom came in to me and said that Jacob wanted to show me and Micah something. *I went in there and he showed me this little boat bath toy that he got from the treasure chest at school and said he had a little friend in there. I said what is it, well, as I was saying this he tipped the boat a little and something came out and landed on his leg, it was a worm! A real live worm! I said, "Oh, Jacob, he isn't in the boat anymore, he's on your leg." He had him crawling on the side of the tub and everything, it was very cute. I'm ok with my kids taking bathes with friends!

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Ohio Rasmussens said...

That is so cute except you are really good natured about the whole thing! If I saw a worm, I would have probably freaked out!! Hope you are feeling better!! ;)