Monday, February 18, 2008

My Man Tyler

What is His Name? Tyler Craig Laing

How Long Have You Been Together? Married for 8 years in November, started dating in March of 99.

How Long Did You Date? 5 months before we were engaged and 8 months before we were married.

How old is He? He’ll be 32 this October.

Where Did You Meet? At the Fresno City Institute.

What Was the First Thing You Said to Him? I’m not sure, I don’t recall.

Where was Your First Date? We went to Hank Swanks driving range.

Who Kissed Who First? We kissed each other, it was great, not because of the kiss, but because of the excitement of it, it was his 1st kiss!

Who Proposed? He did, at Woodward park, it was our special place, on a bridge. It was the fist place we admitted to each other our true feelings.

Where Were You Married? Oakland Temple, November 20th, 1999.

Where was the Honeymoon? Disneyland!

How Many Kids Do You Have? 4, three boys and one girl, in that order!

Who Eats More? Usually I’d say me, but Tyler may now.

Who is Taller? Ha ha, I’ve never seen a man shorter than me. If Tyler were 3 inches taller he would be a foot taller than I am.

Who Sings Better? Tyler, I am pretty bad.

Who is Smarter? He is, usually.

Whose Temper is worse? Mine.

Who Does the Laundry? Always me.

Who Sleeps on the Right Side of the Bed? I do.

Who Pays the Bills? He does.

Who Mows the Lawn? He does, when we have one. I mowed our lawn here one time, just to surprise him.

Who Does the Dishes? I do.

Who Cooks Dinner? Me. But he makes pancakes for the kids on most Saturday mornings and I sometimes have him season and bake the chicken. He’s learning little by little.

Who Drives? He does, most of the time.

Who is More Stubborn? I think I am, I’m pretty sure I am.

Who is the First to Admit when they are wrong? Him, I’m usually always right.

Who Has More Friends? I think it’s pretty even.

Who’s Parents Do you see the Most? It’s pretty equal again, maybe we see my parents more often. Mine live a little closer and my mom stops by pretty often.

Have You Ever Broken the Law with This Person? Yes, a long time ago and we wont go into what it was.

Do You Trust This Person? I trust him more than anyone else.

Where do you see Each Other in 15 Years? Happily married doing lots of fun stuff with our family because they’ll all be so much older, Micah may even be married!

I love you Tyler!

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